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(#1) "NEM promo"
single game,
06.05.2018 / 18:00:00
Zone: Brainstorm
Authors: AntMaze, aster_x, nemermind, nembeliever
(#2) "NEM next level"
team game,
07.05.2018 / 18:00:00
Zone: Brainstorm
Authors: aster_x, nemermind, nembeliever
Participation: free
Encounter - international network of urban games

Encounter is a new concept of entertainment. It is not just a way of spending your time but also, first of all, a chance to develop your skills and abilities.

Combat, Points, GeoCaching - all these game formats give you an opportunity to become the central figure of a real adventure, plunge into the world of puzzles and secrets. It is a chance to discover new and unknown possibilities and resources inside you. PhotoHunt, Competition - make you discover your taste of creativity, visualize your concept of beauty and make other people see extraordinary things around us. PhotoExtreme - is just a way to become crazy for a while and to rock with your friends :) Brainstorming - is an opportunity to develop and to demonstrate your erudition and knowledge.

Finally, taking part in urban games, creating and solving problems, puzzles, tasks and missions bring us an efficient mind and a good health :) You free yourself from your old standards and stop doing everything by rule. That is the way to start finding and inventing right solutions.

For any questions, look at answers, online support and forum. Is everything clear? - Sign up!

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Brainstorm Brainstorm (?): (#1) "NEM promo" Discussion
Game format: Single
Passing sequence: Storm
Game authors: AntMaze, aster_x, nemermind, nembeliever
Start of the game: 5/6/2018 6:00:00 PM (UTC 0)
The beginning of the game in your time zone:  (UTC )
The game completion time: 5/13/2018 6:00:00 PM (UTC 0)
Remain: 10 days 14 hours 6 minutes 33 seconds
Confirmations are accepted until: 5/13/2018 6:00:00 PM (UTC 0)
Participation:confirm participation 

Do you like riddles?

It's time to use your knowledge and google skills to take 500+ XEM

To participate in this "airdrop" follow a few simple steps:

  1. Register an account at any en.cx domain (for example here).
  2. Confirm your participation.
  3. Find a time to figure out how to use nanowallet for sending transactions.
  4. Be here at the time of the beginning of the game: 06.05.2018 6:00pm UTC.


The game consists of ten different kinds of riddles.

Each prize is worth 50 XEM. After task solving you receive a private key for one NEM address. You can take all reward or leave something to other participants.

You get access to all levels at the same time at the beginning of the game.

The game will last for 7 days.

After 4 days you get a small hint to each level.

Feel free to try demo game to understand game's mechanics.


More info about NEM

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Brainstorm Brainstorm (?): (#2) "NEM next level" Discussion
Game format: Team
Passing sequence: Linear
Game authors: aster_x, nemermind, nembeliever
Start of the game: 5/7/2018 6:00:00 PM (UTC 0)
The beginning of the game in your time zone:  (UTC )
The game completion time: 5/7/2018 6:00:00 PM (UTC 0)
Remain: 11 days 14 hours 6 minutes 33 seconds
Confirmations are accepted until: 5/7/2018 6:00:00 PM (UTC 0)
Participation:confirm participation 
Approved participations 0 teams.
Just announce in Games Calendar for NEM promo.
The date of this game will be postponed
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